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Next Date: 18th-20th September 2020

Over 200 beers and cider, live music, quality BBQ and more. Details to nearer the time. Block the date in your diary now... or book to stay now by clicking here

Last Year's Tasting Notes...


We have put the location of the beers for you, however please note they are not all on at once, as they are pulled up from the cellars by handpull, you might have to wait for one to go, before we select another. 


Find our GIN BAR in the GARDEN. 3 tokens for all gins & fever tree


Old Hall


Banks Sunbeam 4.2% blonde


Abbeydale Serenity 3.8% (v)

Session ipa hopped withCentennial, Cardinal & Citra

Abbeydale voyage 5.6% strong ipa hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Dr Rudi & Taiheke


Intrepid Sunrise wheat


Intrepid hoppy amber


Intrepid extra pale 5.5%


Abbeydale deception 




Silver Brewhouse, west coast pale

American style pale ale brewed using plenty of American hops


Pentrich brewing co, Soma, 4.0%

A highly sessionable pale ale, golden in colour with vibrant citrus and floral flavours coming from a blend of German hops 


Pentrich, Little Fury, 4.1%

A naturally hazy session pale, heavily hopped with all the Citra we could muster and brewed with a New England strain of yeast. This beer is full of bold citrus & stone fruit flavours from the hops, complimented with punchy tropical notes from the yeast.


Silver Brewhouse, Coal Face Stout


Tiny Rebel, Stay Puft, 5.2%

This marshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores-like ale. A sweet treat for the cold winter nights.


Pentrich, Maine Street, 4.8%

Our hoppiest pale ale to date - this naturally hazy New England-style pale ale was brewed using absolutely zero bittering hops in the boil. Huge additions of Citra, Falconer's Flight and Simcoe aroma hops produce masses of punchy tropical and citrus flavours, which are even further enhanced by the minimal bitterness on the finish - making for an incredibly juicy & moreish beer!


Mobberley Brewhouse, 1924, 4.5%

Amber, powerful & fruity. Celebrating the 90th anniversary of George Mallory’s summit attempt on Everest June 1924


Hawkshead, XPA, 4.0%

Part of the Cask Session Series. Made with Jester, Citra and Mosaic hops.


Buxton, Moor Top, 3.6%

A delicious beer. Hopped with armfuls of American Chinook hops, this beer oozes citrus flavour and aroma. It has a lovely sweetnes balanced with a lingering bitter finish backed up with a late grapefruit hit.


Wylam, Jackhead, 6.3%

Supercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.


Okells, MPA, 3.6%

A very light gold colour. Aromas of tropical fruit, mango, passion fruit and papaya. Initially sweet flavours of passion fruit and peach leading to an intense dry hop finish


Hawkshead, lakeland larger, 5.0%

fresh hop character from European lager hops. Lager malt has been used, but the rules broken by using ale not lager east


Hydes, Nelson, 4.5%

This delightful premium pale ale has been crafted from the new zealand nelson sauvin hops. Fruity and full of gooseberry flavours.





Beer Brothers, Hop Chocolate 4.3%

Full bodied & well balanced with notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. Made with real cocoa.


Beer Brothers, Session IPA, 3.8%

A full-flavoured session IPA , packed with a boat full of hops to arouse the senses.


Pennine Brewing co, Amber Necker, 3.8%

Amber session beer brewed with both English and American Hops to give a smooth and creamy texture and a fantastic hoppy after-taste, with a nutty, citrus aroma


White Horse Brewery, Black Beauty, 3.9%

Rich Ruby mild, using the best chocolate malt and fine English Fuggle hop


Milestone Brewery, Honey porter, 4.9%

Tasty and subtlety sweet


Titanic, mild, 3.5%

A mild of classic style full of roast malt and balanced by delicate hops. True to type it has a rounded sweetness and a smooth.


Titanic, cappuccino stout, 4.5%

The combination of the brewer's and the barista's talents this fabulous beer combines the original dry Titanic Stout with the flavours of warm, enveloping smooth cappuccino. Relax and enjoy, with or without cholocalte sprinkles


Titanic, Cherry Dark, 4.4%

This black bitter uses US and Slovenian hops and is infused with cherries that subtly come through on the aftertaste.


Oakham, Citra, 4.2%

Light gold in colour, bursting with citrus and tropical hop flavours and sensationally refreshing. The original UK Citra


Oakham, JHB, 4.2%

A golden beer whose aroma is dominated by hops that give characteristic citrus notes. Hops and fruit on the palate are balanced by malt and a bitter base. Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavors


Tiny Rebel, El Dorado, 4.2%

El Dorado has a delicious soft fruit character - think oranges, peaches, or apricot. It also has a hint of spice. Combined with a bit of lactose to round off the edges, you get a mild spiced fruit note with the sweetness really bringing out those juicy soft fruits and citrus



Torrside, Red Right Hand, 5.0%

European malt ingenuity collides with tonnes of US hops for a classic dank and fruity US red ale


Marble, Pint, 3.9%

brewed with an all pale malt bill and then hopped with a blend of New Zealand and US hops. Our benchmark beer promises a burst of zesty aromas, uplifting grapefruit flavours and a subtle lemongrass finish.


Marble, Bitter, 4.2%

inspired by a Manchester stalwart; a fondly-remembered original. Speciality malt gives the deep golden colour and robust base, balanced by crisp bitterness and a floral, lemony aroma


Marble Berimbolo 4.5%

dry hopped blonde ale features Enigma hops backed up by Amarillo and Mosaic. Tropical, berry and citrus aromas sit on top of a soft base, with the bitterness dialled back


Marble, Apricot Sage, 5.2%

A balanced pale, fermented with puree apricot, finished off with a touch of fresh sage, culmination in a highly moreish beer


Bradfield, Farmers Blonde, 4.0%

This award winning, very pale brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale


Bradfield, Yorkshire farmer, 4.0%

A gold coloured beer, light on the palate with a smooth bitter finish.


Abbeydale, Dr Morton’s Bag O’Nuts, 4.1%

This beer is backed up by the famous Cascade hop, which pack a wonderful floral/lemon balm aroma. Citrus and grapefruit flavours continue to dominate, while the Columbus hops round the palate off with a herbal/pine needle freshness.


Abbeydale, Absolution, 5.3%

Flavours are fruity with toffee apples and bananas. Overall a clean tasting beer, sweetish but not cloying.


Abbeydale, Reaper, 4.8%

includes the addition of grapefruit, for a sharp and citrus body. Pouring a golden amber colour, this hazy wheat beer is a perfect “sun drinking” beer 




Beartown, Bluebeary, 4.0%

A beautifully balanced background of malt and subtle fruity hops to compliment the flavour and aroma of the blueberries infused into this highly sessionable golden beer


Beartown, Cub, 5.2%

American Super Pale – Unchained mango and stone fruit palate. Mosaic and citra hopped


Seven Brothers, Belgian Blanch,



Ossett, Yorkshire Blonde, 3.9%

Yorkshire Blonde is a mellow, lager coloured ale. Full-bodied and low in bitterness, there is a delicate malty sweetness on the palate. The fruity hop aroma results from a generous late addition of Mount Hood hops


Ossett, Ernest, 4.0%

A pale, straw coloured session ale. Crisp, clean and moderately bitter, with aromas of stone fruits and citrus


Rat Brewery, Bay City Ratters, 4.8%

Tartan IPA with shortbread and porridge


Fernandes, Cascade Torrent 4.6%

Turbo charged version of Cascade. A pale premium bitter. Generously quantities of cascade hops produce an ale which has citrus and pine aromas dominant


Fernandes, Malt Shovel Mild, 3.8%

Dark full-bodied malty mild with an abundance of roast malt and chocolate flavours, leading to a dry malty finish


Fernandes, Redneck, 4.4%

Pale red ale hopped generously with American Centennial hops to give a nice fruity hoppy kick with hints of toffee. 


Riverhead, Butterley, 3.8%

A Rich gold smooth drinking session ale with solo malt flavours and a delicate floral English hop aroma.


Riverhead, Wassenden Mist, 4.5%

Hazy new England IPA.


Elephant School, Buzz Lightbeer , 4.5%

A Golden honey beer – to the pub & beyond!


3 Brothers, DDH Pale, 4.0%

An ever changing double dry hopped session pale



Paper Mill Inn


Buxton Shelterstone


Intrepid Table IPA


Abbeydale Dr Mortons Djin jar


Boon Doggle


Buxton, Gatekeeper, 4.1%

A deep, dark porter to evoke a sense of mystery. Challenge the Gatekeeper.


Buxton, SPA, 4.1%

A light, refreshing, hoppy pale ale. A showcase for the incredibly aromatic North American hop – Citra. It has a lovely citrus aroma, with juicy fruit flavours in the mouth. Medium bitternes.


Mobberley Brewhouse, Chinook, 4.6%

Single hoped using Chinook, Pine and citrus aroma, with strong grapefruit and citrus taste


Kirkstall, Pale 4.0%

Wonderfully golden session beer. Fresh malt and hop aroma lead to a satisfyingly bitter finish


Kirkstall, Three Swords, 4.5%

Very pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching. Three different hops give this beer a delightful citrus nose


Beer Brothers, Stouty McStout Face, 4.7%

Dry Irish stout


Titanic, Plum Porter, 4.9%

This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring. Take the opportunity and go for the low hanging fruit, this sumptuous beer really is a plum


Titanic, raspberry wheat, 4.7%



Torrside, Small Victories, 3.8%

Nelson Sauvin single hop - unfashionably it's both low strength and reasonably bitter


Torrside, Halo Effect, 6.5%

Strong Vienna malt Ipa, 


Marble Cross Collar 5.2%

A west coast pale, light caramel malt base holding classic hops; gives citrus, pine and a moreish bitterness; all balanced for a beautifully drinkable beer


Magic Rock, Hat Trick, 3.7% 

A complex and satisfyingly malty body allied to fruity US Citra and Eureka hops make for a deliciously refreshing and moreish pre or post game pint 


Magic Rock, High Wire, 5.5%

Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours harmonise against a smoothly composed malt base, which develops into a crisply bitter finish. 


Magic Rock, Magic Spanner, 3.9%

This beer is a 3.9% extra pale ale using golden promise malt and dry hopped with both English and US hops


Magic Rock, Ring Master, 3.9%

flag ship pale ale, is the beer you’ll want to drink every day. Pale in colour but unlike other pale ales lacking nothing in the flavour stakes.


Poynton, Kiwi, 4.0%

A light session IPA combining malts and New Zealand hops delivering mellow fruit flavours.


Poynton, All Day IPA, 3.8%

Pale, hoppy, quaffing beer with a faint citrus overtone. Very refreshing and a bit keen on the palate


Poynton, pink, 3.9%

grapefruit pale ale


4t’s, APA, 4.0%

Clean classic American pale,


Whim Ales, Hartington Bitter, 4.0%

A light-golden-coloured, well-hopped session beer. Fruity and light while bitter and slightly sharp. Well balanced with a dry finish and spicy, floral aroma


Whim Ales, Red House Ruby porter 4.7%

This park red porter is a very subtle session drink


Whim Ales, Snow White, 5.0%

Bavarian weissebier Fresh ground coriander is used to add dimension and flavour to this beautiful drink. Sweet spicy slight banana /orange aroma. Rich smooth texture and spicy orange flavours combine to make this a special beer. Sweet complex finish




Marquee Bar


Redwillow headless


Kirkstall and Port Street Beer House, The Obvious Door, 4.7%

Red Session IPA brewed in collaboration with Port Street Beer House


kirkstall, cascade, 4.5%

Single hoped golden ale using the finest cascade hops.


The Five Points, pale 4.4%

A rich, aromatic pale ale generously hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops


Thornbridge, Jaipur, 5.9%

A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish


Thornbridge, Wild Swan Grapefruit 3.5%

Grapefruit pale ale. A tropical fruit twist on our classic Wild Swan pale ale.


Thornbridge, Wild swan Pineapple, 3.5%

Same as wild swan grapefruit but made using fresh pineapple instead 


Thornbridge, Salted Caramel Lucaria 4.5%

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Porter – Another twist on our ice cream porter, Lucaria. Already decadent and flavoursome, now with the addition of sweet salted caramel to the brew, this beer is a sweet tooth’s dream!


Thornbridge AM:PM, 4.5%

AM:PM is a truly sessionable beer that allows you to enjoy all the flavours and body of an IPA. Bags of tropical fruit aromas, pineapple, guava tangerine and passion fruit are balanced with a chewy, honeyed malt character


Torrside, I am curious lemon, 4.8%

A citrusy pale ale with a hint of spice at the finish. Brewed with lemon zest and various sorts of peppercorn!


Torrside, Candlewick, 4.0%

Silky smooth pitch-black stout with a rich dark chocolate aftertaste.


Beartown, Skinfull, 4.2%

Tawny beer with malt & fruit in the taste leading to a clean and uncompromisingly bitter hop finish.


Ossett, Yorkshire Brunette, 3.7%

An easy-drinking session bitter brewed with pale, wheat and roasted malts. Pale chestnut in colour and with moderate bitterness, aromas of spice and citrus fruit come from the hops.


Rat Brewery, White Rat, 4.0%

This very pale, 4% hoppy ale made from low colour Maris Otter malt. A combination of three high alpha American hops produce an intensely aromatic & resinous finish. Winner of many Beer of the festival awards


Rat Brewery, King Rat, 5.0%

A beer that is all about the Hops! The Nelson Sauvin variety from New Zealand give a unique "White Winey" aroma. Bitterness is high, but balanced nicely by a residual malty sweetness


Redwillow, Feckless, 4.1%

A classic british bitter, rIch toffee and malt balanced with the subtle flavours of Challenger, Goldings and Target hops


Redwillow, Weightless, 4.2%

Made with 100% Mosaic hops; pithy grapefruit and mango flavours with a well-rounded body. An uncompromisingly balanced session IPA


Redwillow, Breakfast Stout, 5.6%

This dangerously drinkable Vietnamese coffee stout starts with an assertive roasty bitterness from the dark malts which quickly gives way to a smooth rich dark chocolate and hazelnut finish


Redwillow, Effortless, 3.7%

Just the beer we want to drink after a hot and long day in the brewery. Ultra pale with lots of body brewed with Vermont Ale Yeast and gratuitously hopped with Nelson Sauvin for a full fruity flavour



Unknown at time of print




Okells, bitter, 3.7%

A golden-coloured beer with a full malt and superb hop aroma, with a long lasting dry-ish hoppy complex finish


Oakham, Mandarina Bavaria, 4.7%

Tangerine and orange aromas and sweet fruit flavours delight the taste buds from this new German hop variety


Bradfield, cherry beer, 4.2%

A light on the palate beer with a hint of cherry leaving a dry aftertaste.


Bradfield, Farmers Ale, 3.9%

Amber coloured best bitter, well balanced malt and hop flavours, leaving a distinctive after taste


Peak Ales, Summer Sovereign, 4.0%

Summer Sovereign is a thirst quenching blonde beer. it is a light refreshing summer blonde, with a hoppy citrus aroma packed with British Sovereign hops


Peak Ales, Chatsworth gold, 4.6%

Chatsworth Gold is a golden beer made with honey from the Chatsworth Estate. The delicate sweetness is well balanced with bitterness from Goldings and Fuggles hops


Peak Ales, Paxton, 4.4%

Paxton is a full bodied ruby red beer with an earthy and biscuit malt flavours. Bramling Cross and Challenger hops combine to give a spicy hop aroma followed by a blackcurrant finish.


Peak Ales, Bakewell Best, 4.2%

Bakewell Best Bitter is a robust amber coloured ale. It is dry and firmly bitter, with some roasted malt flavours and plenty of grassy hops.


Abbeydale, Wanderer, 5.5%

This super refreshing Saison has an abundance of flavour. Unique citrus from the Kaffir leaf and a sharp and tangy body from the introduction of lemongrass without an overwhelming bitterness


Beartown Peach Melbear, 4.4%

This unusual and distinctive beer has a sweet aroma of peaches and elderflower, perfectly balanced by a hoppy bitterness in both the flavour and finish


Manning, caveman, 4.2%

An extremely well balanced bitter with a refreshing hop character. A light caramel colour and bitter crisp finish is what really makes our ’no nonsense’ ale unique.


Manning, Shaman, 4.5%

Pale Passion fruit beer


Manning, Music man, 4.2%

A clean tasting, easy drinking and flavorsome hoppy golden brew with a bittersweet finish. This ale is sure to keep your customers suitably refreshed as summer approaches.


Poynton Hooker, 4.%

Easy drinking triple hopped ipa


Poynton, Lime light, 3.9%

Light citrus flavoured pale ale


4t’s, Big bro, 5.0%

American Pale Ale, double the hops and finished with 2.5kg of dry hop. Intense clean bitterness with massive amounts of citrus and grapefruit aromas. When you meet him be careful!


4t”s, Panzer Pils, 4.8%

the first sip delivers earthy & fresh bread aromas with hints of honeysuckle, then subtle malty sweetness pushes through with pleasing bitterness, practically inviting you to have another.


Whim Ales, Hartington IPA, 4.5%

Initial light fragrance. Smooth on the palate with good mouth-feel allowing malt flavour to predominate. Slightly sweet finish combined with distinctive light hop bitternes


Seven Brothers, session 3.8%

A delicious and thirst quenching session Ale that delivers massive citrus aromas and tropical fruit flavours.


Howard Town, Mill Town, 3.5%

Milltown is a dark mild, made with a blend of five malts, and Goldings hops. Milltown has won Silver in the mild category at the SIBA Midlands Beer Competition for three of the last four years. 


Howard Town, Wrens Nest, 4.2%

Wren's Nest is a light hoppy beer, made with Pale and Crystal malts, and Pioneer and Cascade hops.


Howard Town, Dark Peak, 6.0%

A strong dark porter with a rum kick.


Howard Town, Kerala, 4.2%

A light bodied, pale, crisp and refreshingly citrus, summer ale.


Stancill, Barnsley Bitter, 3.8%

creamy and malty with a pronounced bitterness level balanced by a sweet undercurrent. The Goldings provide hop aroma


Stancill, Ginger Pale, 4.0%

Be it on a hot summer day or a cold winter one, our ginger pale ale has subtle undertones of warming ginger, which provides intrigue for the taste buds and refreshment for the taster


Stancill, Shelby, 

Porter TBA


First Chop, Sup, (GF) 3.9%

Pale amber, IPA style with a lower abv. but no holding back on the hops. Big tropical fruit notes with a spicy, resinous, smooth bitter finish. Dry hopped with Mosaic


First Chop, Pod, (GF) 4.2%

A classic oatmeal stout, the vanilla really bringing out the chocolate flavours, beautifully balanced bitterness and peppery, spicy hopping with hints of citrus


First Chop, Pow, (GF)



Keg Beers (please note that tokens are used as 1/3)


Blanche Bruxelles 4.5%

Tiny Rebbel, pump up the jam 5%

Marble American pilsner 4.2%

Rorrside jester race amber 4.9%


Magic Rock Dark arts 6%

Liquid light, crimson king5%

Magic rock saucery (GF) 3.9%

Dark Revolution dog daze

Salt, jute

Manning Trap 

Torrside wolf

Gipsey Hill, hepcat

Torrside, Hello morning

Flensburger, pilsner

Brewdog, dead pony club

Wild weather, king st pale

Buxton centennial IPA

Cloudwater airports

Buxton, low tor 


check back soon to see old halls festival offer, below shows the pizza on offer from the paper mill that weekend. 


Paper Mill Inn Pizza Menu

Vegan cheese and gluten free pizza bases available

All Pizzas £9


The Queen

Margherita, tomato sauce, basil & mozzarella cheese 

USA Classic

Pepperoni sausage seasoned with paprika & cayenne, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese 


Tandoori spiced lamb, red onion, baby spinach, minted yoghurt, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese 

The Jerk

Jerk chicken, pineapple, roasted corn, hot pepper sauce, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese 


Roasted courgette, aubergine, peppers, red onion, fennel seed, basil, thyme, garlic, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese 

Vegan BBQ

Sweet barbeque vegan Quorn, sun blushed tomato, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion hummus, mozzarella or vegan mozzarella 

Garlic bread £5 (Add cheese £1)

Garlic & parsley butter


Garlic oil, roasted garlic & parsley




Salads £5

Tomato & Balsamic 

Isle of Wight tomato, rocket, red onion, lemon & Rosemarie salt, balsamic dressing 


Kos lettuce, Parmesan, garlic croutons, anchovies, Caesar dressing 

(Add grilled chicken £3)

Sides £3.50

Roast corn

Smoke butter & sea salt 

Aspen fries

Truffle, parmesan & parsley

 Cauliflower fritter

Marinated in shallot & ground coriander 

Salt & pepper onion rings

Sichuan pepper, chilli, garlic & tempura batter

Ale gravy £1.50

Beef stock &????? ale

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