Just like at home, we want all our guests to be safe and protected whilst with us so you can relax and enjoy what we do best - looking after you.

Our promise to you

1. Social Distancing - we have reduced the number of tables, and for the moment are only able to serve those who have booked or are able to find a table. .

2. Extra Hygiene Measures - hand sanitiser are available everywhere, hands free taps & dryers installed in all toilets, hourly cleaning schedules and daily pressurised sanitiser mist in all rooms before service.

3. Team training and supervision - we're proud of our team. We've made sure they have the training and guidance to deal with any issues arising from coronavirus.

4. Public spaces and our guest experience - we have respected what makes our Inn's so special in the first place. We've run through what you as a customer used to do in different areas of our inns, and have made the appropriate changes to give you and our teams the safe space that we all need to enjoy our inns.

5. What we ask of you - things have changed but all we ask is that you enjoy your time with us, follow any requests we make to help protect you, our other guests and our team members. Please bear with us if some things take slightly longer than they used to, we're probably just ensuring that we're doing things safely!



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We will be happy to answer your questions on 01663 750529