Timmermans, kriek 

Lambic beer brewed with natural cherry juice and fermented in oak barrels, 4.0%, 330ml


Timmermans, Strawberry

Lambic beer packed with strawberry’s both in aroma and taste, with a little tartness to counter the sweetness, 4.0% 330ml 


Saison Dupont

The classic Belgian Saison, originally brewed in the winter by Belgian farmers to be dry and refreshing by the summer, bottle conditioned, 6.5%, 330ml 


Chimay, Gold

A refereshing blonde beer with aromas of hops and spices, originally reserved for the monastic community of Scourmont Abbey, 4.8% 330ml  


Westmalle, Dubbel

Rich complex taste of caramel, malt, fruit and ripe bananas. One of the classic dark Trappist beers of Belgium Westmalle Dubbel was originally brewed in 1865, Bottle conditioned, 7.0% 330ml



Distinctively fruity and bitter taste, Orval is aged to add a fruity note which balances out the beers full body. First brewed in 1931 Orval is regarded as one of the best Trappist beers due to its blend of Belgian, English and German brewing techniques, 6.2% 330ml


Duchesse De Bourgogne

Flanders red ale, fermented in oak barrels for 18 months to give a distinctive flavour, slightly sour like a Lambic beer, highly fermented which results in a fresh dry finish, 6.2%, 330ml


St Bernadus, Tripel

A traditional blonde abbey beer that follows a tripel style meaning they use triple the amounts of ingredients than a normal abbey beer resulting in a rich strong beer packed with complex flavour, 8%, 330ml 


La Chouffe, Blonde  

A unfiltered blonde ale pleasantly fruity with a light hop taste and spiced with coriander, a classic in the Belgian beer world and a must try, 8%, 330ml


Straffe Hendrik

a rich and intense dark Belgian ale brewed with a subtle blend of speciality malts to give the beer a dark and chewy character. A clean dryness with a warm full bodied moth feel 11%, 330ml


Tynt Meadow

In 2017, the first UK Trappist brewery was founded in Leicester. Tynt Meadow, is a top fermented Belgian Dubbel, it is mahogany-coloured, with a subtle, warm red hue, and a lasting beige head. Its aroma carries hints of dark chocolate and liquorice.

7.4%, 330ml


Paulaner Hefe Helle Weiss

A classic German wheat beer, brewed to the German purity law. Aromatics led by banana and mild tropical fruit notes, with complex bready layers balanced by a refreshing brightness. Germany’s number one. 5.5%. 510ml