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Pop up kitchen Series: 

 Flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean, March 5th- 22nd

A fusion of tastes from Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.- Hippocrates


Loaded Flatbreads. Homemade, with aromatic salad and your choice of filling:

“Kleftiko” Kingsterndale slow braised lamb leg cooked with apricot and sumac. £10 G


“Chicken Shawarma” chicken skewers marinaded with preserved lemon, garlic and parsley. £9.50 G


Roasted cauliflower seasoned with Za’atar and topped with feta and pomegranate seeds £9.00 G, S, D, V


Spice it up, add harissa +50p

Cool it down, add tzatziki +50p D


Meze (a selection of salads, dips and small plates):


Spicy smoked red pepper hummus £3.50 VE, S

Melitzanoslata (Greek aubergine dip) £3.00 VE

Giant couscous and feta salad with lemon, mint and chilli dressing £3.50 V, D, G

Spicy falafel with Tzatziki £4.00 V, D, G

Greek Salad £3.00 V, D

Fried Halloumi £4 D, G

Lemon & cumin seared mackerel fillet £4.50  F

Two homemade flatbreads £1.50 VE, G


Dietary key:

Vegan (VE)

Vegetarian (V)

Contains Gluten (G)

Contains Dairy (D)

Contains Fish (F)

Contains Sesame (S)

Hand Stretched, Hand crafted Pizza

Daily Specials. See bar. 

Pizzas available as gluten free* &/or vegan friendly.

*cooked in same oven as gluten dough 

All Pizzas £9.00


Margherita £8

Margherita, Paper Mill tomato sauce, fresh basil & mozzarella cheese

Pepporoni £9

Pepporoni, Paper Mill tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese

Capra £9

Balsamic caramelised onion, fresh spinach goats cheese, Paper Mill tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese

Vesuvius £9

Homemade spicy italian pork sausage, fresh red chilli, parmesan, basil, Paper Mill tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese

Messicana £9

Marinated chicken breast, red onion, jalepenos, spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese

Upgrade your pizza:

Buffalo mozzarella £1.50

Serrano ham £1.00

Anchovies £1.00

Artichoke £0.50

Olives £0.50

Mushrooms £0.50

Peppers £0.50

Jalepenos £0.50

Rocket £0.50


Garlic bread with cheese £6 Garlic & parsley butter 

Vegan Garlic bread with vegan cheese £6 roasted garlic oil & parley 

Truffle & parmesan Fries £3.50

Pizza is served 

Thursday 6pm - 10pm

Friday 5pm - 10:30pm

Saturday 2pm - 10.30pm

Sunday 12noon - 8.30pm