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Order your food- Example ltd

Add your company message etc here, plus any details of what you are offering your staff. This is an example, but every detail can be customised to meet your requirement.  You can update who's allowed to order, what they can order and what delivery slots they are allowed to choose from. We will manage collecting orders and communications with your team, as well as sending reminders to those that haven't ordered by the deadline etc

Use the dummy form on this page as an example of what your employee would be linked to. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact us on 01663 750529 to discuss your requirements. 

Use our online takeaway menu for example dishes and prices of what we are cooking, however we are happy to discuss options


Your management team have organised for us to bring you your choice of lunch each Thursday or Friday. Please fill out the form to let us know your preferred choices and times for when you want your dinner to be delivered. If you have any issues you are welcome to call us direct on 01663 750529.

Your management are grateful for your hard work and we are grateful for the opportunity to cook for you. Best Regards

Old Hall Inn

Order you your lunch 

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