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Explore the many walks starting at the Old Hall Inn

Once you have the good fortune of arriving in Whitehough, there is no need to go anywhere else. You are surrounded in every direction with the best the Peak District has to offer. Take advantage of the selection of walks and bike rides we have put together that start straight from our door, and better still, finish right back at it, in time for our buzzing early doors trade and some some tasty peak district fare.  All these walks are available on our free to loan gps devices.

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Route 1 - Top of the pike

Distance: 3.33km

Duration: 01:07

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Ascent: 177m

Terrain: Bridle paths / open access

This walk is great if you are short on time but want the best 360 views. Its a worth the short climb. 

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Route 2 - Around the pike

Distance: 4.18km

Duration: 01:20

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Ascent: 179m

Terrain: Bridle paths / open access

This walk is great if you are short on time but want the best 360 views. Its a worth the short climb and this route extends the previous along some bridle paths with views of Cracken Edge. 

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Route 3 - Buxworth Canal Basin

Distance: 4.82km

Duration: 01:22

Difficulty: easy

Total Ascent: 103m

Terrain: Tramway / lanes

Very flat out to the basin, with a pub half way. The basin is steeped in history, and the return can be back along the tramway if you are looking for a very flat route, or as we have done here, return along the country lanes to make a circular route.

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Route 4 - Buxworth Canal Basin & Whaley Basin

Distance: 8.15km

Duration: 02:18

Difficulty: easy

Total Ascent: 160m

Terrain: Tramway / lanes / canal

An extended version of the Buxworth Basin walk that takes in Whaley Bridge. The Bridge Bake house, which is on the main high street of Whaley Bridge has great cakes, some heated comfy chairs outside to watch the world (village) go by...

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Route 5 - Pike Summit, Whaley Basin & Buxworth Basin

Distance: 9.47km

Duration: 02:50

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Ascent: 287m

Terrain: Tramway / lanes / canal / bridleway

Explore Buxworth and Whaley canal basins, but get a the summit of eccles pike in first...

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Route 6 - Around the Pike, return via Stubbins

Distance: 9.13km

Duration: 02:55

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Ascent: 387m

Terrain: Tramway / lanes / bridleway / fields

A full loop of the pike

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Route 7 - Cracken Edge short

Distance: 6.91km

Duration: 02:14

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Ascent: 313m

Terrain: Footpaths / fields

Chinley Churn, or Cracken edge is the hill that you see when looking back at the car park. This route takes you high up with great views over south head and kinder. 

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Route 8 - Cracken Edge medium

Distance: 8.89km

Duration: 02:49

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Ascent: 359m

Terrain: Footpaths / fields

A longer version on the previous walk

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Route 9 - Cracken Edge long

Distance: 11km

Duration: 03:30

Difficulty: Moderate

Total Ascent: 456m

Terrain: Footpaths / fields

A even longer version on the previous walk

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Route 10 - South head

Distance: 11.39km

Duration: 03:29

Difficulty: difficult

Total Ascent: 390m

Terrain: Bridlepath / steep footpaths

A great walk over to the hayfield valley, and starting to feel that bit more remote and wild. Great views of the Kinder plateau

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We are located only 1/2mile from Chinley train station, which is on the stunning Manchester -Sheffield line, running though the heart of the Peak District. Edale is only 8mins on the train, and is a great opportunity to take in some different hills by returning on the train. Take a look at some of the best routes that start at the Old Hall & finish by a station.

Top of Eccles Pike & back


160m assent

Buxworth Basin via country lanes and tramway


130m assent

Buxworth & Whaley


200m assent

Around the Pike, returning via stubbing


350m assent

Cracken Edge (long)


440m assent

Brown Knoll


430m assent



500m  assent

Around Eccles Pike


160m assent

Cracken Edge (short)


300m assent

Eccles Pike, Whaley Bridge & Basin


300m assent

Cracken Edge (medium)


360m assent

Shirebooks & South Head


400m assent

Churn-Mt Famine - S.Head - Shirebrook


620m assent



900m assent

There are literally countless places to visit in the Peak District, and for those that visit often, or are here for longer periods we have put together some of our favourite walks / rides that centre around nearby places of outstanding beauty or near particular attractions. All are only a short hop in the car, and start from a car park of sorts. 



360m assent



400m assent

Derwent & Back


1967m assent

Chapel Gate & Jacobs


1016m assent

MTB: Circular Mountain bike routes 

Bridal paths criss cross the fells, making for some challenging rocky descents. If you dare look up, you will be rewarded with some of the countries most breath-taking scenery. We have free secure storage for your bikes and an area for you to clean down your bikes etc when the weather throws mud at you. We can email the gpx routes below to you on request or if you are staying with us, you can borrow, free of charge, one of our bike gps devices.

Edale via sky line


680m assent

Bamford via Mill Hill & Ladybower


1372m assent

Edale via Jacobs Ladder


480m assent

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